Job Coaching




Job Coaching




Job-related skills can also be a barrier for those trying to get employed in Canada. Our organization offers coaching to help ensure that primary hurdles aren’t faced when trying to obtain a job.

Job Search

Finding perspective jobs is the first step to getting good employment. We will help find you a career sector that fits your needs and give you techniques to help you find and secure a job in today’s market.

Resume Writing

Having a good resume is key to getting a good job. We will help you create a professional resume that will catch the eye of potential employers, helping you get more interview requests.

Cover Letters

Cover letters attempt to convince a prospective employer to consider you for a job. In this workshop, we will show you how to write a professional but persuasive cover letter, which you will be able to tailor for every job application.

Interview Prep

A strong performance in a job interview is crucial. We will help you prepare for your next job interview by offering you some advice running a mock interview, so you know what type of questions you can expect from an employer.

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