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Who We Are

The New Immigrant Integration Centre (NIIC) is a registered nonprofit organization that seeks to help newcomers, single parents, and Indigenous people integrate into the Canadian workforce by offering them the training and skills they need to pursue a professional career in Canada.

New Immigrants Integration Center (NIIC) is an organization born out of the need to harness the potential of diversity to drive societal growth and development.

NICC is currently operating out of Edmonton, Alberta, but plans to expand to other Canadian cities including Calgary and Toronto in the near future.

Vision Statement

Harnessing community potential for innovative change in the society.

Mission Statement

The NIIC Organization creates the platform where a change in society is made through the innovative community.

Poverty In Canada

Over $30 billion is lost yearly to poverty in Canada from personal income tax. NIIC is seeking to reduce these economic losses by providing skills and professional training to low-income Canadians.

Causes of Poverty

The lack of marketable skills and specialized training modules for people in peculiar physical and social situations has created a situation where these people or groups are disconnected from economic activities, causing them to fall into poverty.

There is a need to design a training package to suit their unique needs.

Major Challenges

Despite many years of social programs, Canada’s government has struggled to reach these people with the needed education to empower them. As a result, over 3.5 million Canadians need economic support.

Canada is also struggling with its small and medium scale enterprises, as 70% fail within the first five years of existence, causing millions of dollars in investments and billions of dollars lost in revenue by the Canadian government.

All hands need to be on deck.

What Is Being Done

Our mission is to help disadvantaged individuals easily gain access to the training tools, capacity development, and employment network they need to help more businesses survive and grow and improve their economic status.
As low-income and poor Canadians struggle to improve their financial situations, NIIC is providing:

  • ​Access to professional certifications upgrades that helps professionals meets Canada’s employment expectation in the corporate workspace.
  • Specialized training and skill development program for people with disabilities to meet their unique needs.
  • Provide a safe learning space for the indigenous group of Canada without discrimination.
  • Connections to employment through our network.
  • Partnerships with funding organizations, well-meaning individuals, and the Canadian government to provide the funds to offer these training free of cost to all participants.

How Can I Help?

You can make a donation to help single parents, people with disabilities, immigrants, and indigenous people escape poverty and improve their economic welfare.
We accept funds from the government, individuals, and other organizations to ensure that our team continues to provide the market needed skills, training for the uneducated, standard certifications upgrade to professional immigrants and specialized training for people living with disabilities in Canada.

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